Top Food Ordering Apps for Android and iOS

A few evenings you return home and you’re excessively drained, making it impossible to cook and there aren’t any eateries close you. Envision a world where you could take out your telephone and request sustenance without conversing with another human. That world arrives. Download any of these free applications and you will have a hot dinner, or an icy one on the off chance that you need, conveyed right to your entryway.

Best Food Ordering apps for Android iOS


One of the first and best sustenance conveyance applications is GrubHub. Look for eateries close you or by certain sort of sustenance. Look through the whole menu and add things to your truck basically by tapping on it. Make a profile and you’ll just need to put in your location and installment data once. Note your most loved eateries and dishes so you can hop to those without filtering through the menu every time. Every post indicates regardless of whether the eatery charges for conveyance and if there’s a base conveyance expense. Have a dinner to your way in only three taps.


Seamless its name, making requesting nourishment too simple. Route is basic. Basically put in the sort of food you need and hunt down the spots that convey to you. Add things you need to your sack and even make extraordinary solicitations like “no pickles.” Save your location and installment data so you can have nourishment traveled your way with simply the tap of your finger. Refine your inquiry by how costly the sustenance is and even conveyance least. Make it totally your own.


Plug in your location and let the application discover you the best food close to your. Look through sort of food or search in the “What’s Good” segment in case you’re not certain what you need. Discover an eatery that looks intriguing and discover photographs, client audits and a full menu. Add the things you need to your sack or most loved them for some other time. When you present your request determine the status of your Order Status so you know precisely when your cushion thai will touch base at your entryway.

Beyond Menu

Locate a brisk supper with this simple application. Make a profile with your location data and quest for your most loved spots to eat. Hunt down what is well known or for the sort of sustenance you’re wanting. Request nourishment for conveyance or reserve a spot at your most loved eatery. Plug in the time, date and what number of individuals in your gathering and the application will send along the data. Look through your request history so you don’t need to experience menus to locate your most loved supper once more.

Top 4 Deserts from All around the World

Deserts or sweet is a part of our meal system. Everyone loves to eat sweets and that is the reason that there are now thousands of kinds of sweets available in each country. Every country, religion, location has their own taste of sweet. Today I will take you to a sweet ride of the best desert from all around the world. I did my best to find some best desert from all around the world. The sweets I am going to mention are one that I personally tested and found them to the best. To be honest, it is very hard to give ranking to the sweets that I have eaten. So, don’t take them as ranking, this just how I saw and posted.


Tiramisu (from Italy)

Tiramisu is an Italian desert or sweet and almost all the Italian people loves this and even they are proud of this sweet. The Tiramisu is one of the best desserts I have ever eaten. This mouthwatering sweet is made from eggs, some cheese, cream, brandy, some rum, chocolate and even it has vegetable like lady finger. Whenever you are in Italy you should not miss this.

Castle Pudding (from England)

Now from Italy, I am flying to England. Here you will find another best sweet or dessert, which is known as Castle Pudding. This strawberry jam pudding is kind of sweet that every English people love to have. This is not a general pudding that we eat somewhere in the street. It has some more and you will love this for sure.

Baklava (from Turkey)

This is kind of desert that shows the cultural bind between Turkey and geeks. This desert was first made by Turkish people and then geek people gave it some their own flavor. Some of the main ingredients of this desert are Honey, Sugar, Orange water and lemon juice.

Gulaab Jamun (From India)

Gulab Jamun Indian Sweet

It was a long time ago when I first visited in India and had this sweet their. I was so much surprised and pleased this this that ate more than 10 that time. This round shape sweet has some magic and believe me, you will be in love with this sweet. After I came from India I ordered some Gulaab Jamun from our local store but they were not good. So I suggest you to have this sweet in India only. You will get fresh and you will be surprised.

So, this was my small list for best dessert in the world. I hope you enjoyed this and made plan for any of the above sweet this weekend.


Best Paid Online Music Websites for Listening free Music

It is proved that listening to favorite music can help you to live a healthier life. There are lots of debates on what kind of music help you to be more productive, but I would say that listen to the favorite music is helping you to run in a long way. No matter what is your favorite Genres be it rock, pop, classic or anything, just don’t stop listening to that music. OK, I am not here to discuss all this thing, I am here to share my favorite free websites for listening any kind of music online. The best thing of this article is, the site I am listing here needs a subscription fee, which ensure you get the best music deliver directly to your PC or smartphone.


The subscription fee is limited, but they offer unlimited music with this small subscription fee. Well, when I say best, then I mean it. There are hundreds of international music sites and millions of local music streaming sites but the problem is all of them not good. Some charge huger than they offers. Some have a low quality and old music with few updates. So, this post is for all of those who love to listen unlimited music like me. So, I don’t want to waste much time, so just let’s start.

Best paid music streaming websites to listen high quality music

1- Spotify

Whenever someone asks me about online music I suggest Spotify. This is the best music service and I am using this from last 1 and a half year without any problem. Primarily, it was launched in the USA only and then they expand their service to 60 countries where they have more than 60 million active users. The simple design of Spotify makes it clear and easy for everyone to listen music. They update their database almost every day and sometime in every hour. They are very conscious about the fact that people love new music and this is what makes them the best player in the online music industry.

2- Pandora

My younger sister is a great fan of Pandora and funny thing is I have to pay for her subscription 😛 Pandora is really a good online music website to listen free and paid music online. Free has some limitation but with paid subscription you are allowed to browse unlimited music anytime and anywhere. I am not a big fan o0f Pandora, but I have to say their service is quite interesting and good too. Pandora is an online internet radio where you can create your own radio station based on your favorite genres, artist or songs and the Pandora will add all the new songs according to your taste in your station daily.

3- iTunes

Apple iTunes is the best music playing app and online music service for all the Apple products. iTunes doesn’t work like the above two. Here you have to buy each and every song which is good for some reason, but for people like me who listen to music almost every time it won’t work. I mean I have to pay for each and every song which is disgusting. But if you are the one who loves to listen limited music, then this service is the best one for you. Once you purchase a song then you can access that song from any Apple product by logging into your iTunes account.

Ends Here………………. !

Above 3 sites or service is only for those who loves to listen music and never mind to pay for it. But if you are not willing to pay for any music there are some hundreds of free music download sites no registration available to download unlimited songs for free. The quality of music also depends on the quality of music device. Always try to get some best headphones for your music streaming.

So this post is almost done. At least all I want to say listen to your favorite music and be safe and healthier.

Top 4 Free Food Recipes Apps for Android

Food is something that is one of our basic needs and we need it to survive in this world. But now food is not just a thing that keeps us live. Now, almost everyone loves to try different food from different country, region. Now there are restaurant everywhere and you can buy and eat almost any kind of food. But to be honest restaurant has been just a restaurant. They won’t give you the real taste of home food. Thus, cooking your own food is the best thing you could get healthy food and even you can give your own flavor to your food. And the best part of cooking food our self is, if something went wrong while cooking then there is no one going to complain about it. Because you are the one who prepared this 😛


Now let me come to the main point of this article. Preparing a new food without a recipe is like walking alone on a dark road. Luckily now we have lots of sources to get recipe for any particular food. And the device like smartphones and tablet gives us the freedom to find any recipe online within some seconds. The internet is a big place and there are thousands of websites that provide same recipe so finding a good one is a tough task in itself. How would you feel if you get all your favorite recipes in one place within an App? So, let’s just start this list where I will provide you some best free recipe app for Android.



BigOven is one of the popular recipe app which claims to have more than 350,000 recipes from all around the world. It has recipes which is categories under breakfast, lunch, dinner and then desert, brunch, and so on. Here you can plan for your food, save favorites and even you can plan for your shopping list that you may need to prepare the food right in the app.

AllRecipes Dinner Spinner

AllRecipes Dinner Spinner is a solid app for getting recipes from all around the globe for all popular categories. It doesn’t have recipes like BigOven but still it has enough recipes. Here you can get almost all the popular recipes. Some of its great features are select recipes according to your ingredients. It also has seasonal recipes, tons of food related guides and thousands of videos showing step by step recipes.


CookBook is like a recipe book which is full of recipes from all popular countries and from all popular tradition. CookBook is a free app available for free download. With this app you can find lots of free recipes. You can short all the recipes according to type, cooking method and ingredient. It also supports android wear so that you can carry your recipe on your wrist.


This is a recipe management app for Android and available for free at Google Play Store. With this app you can search for recipes at multiple places like Pinterest, AllRecipes and others at one place. You can even create and upload your own recipes. ChefTap provides an offline mode which is very helpful when you are planning for an outing.


Finding recipes does not remain hard now. Because of smartphone you are now able to carry all the recipes in one device and access them under your palm. I hope you enjoyed this article.

Thank you for your time

See you next time.

Top 5 of the World’s Best Yummy Breakfast

Breakfast is the best way to kick starts the day. According to me a breakfast should be something which gives you both energy and taste. A breakfast is the first meal of the day and an ideal time to have breakfast is from 9AM to 9:30AM. People from all around the globe have their own breakfast, some like a simple breakfast like bread and butter and some other like to have a heavy meal like Sausages, egg, bacon. Today I will take you at a tour of 5 different countries to show you their breakfasts.

Top 5 of the Best Breakfat from all countries

5 Breakfasts from 5 Different Countries

1- England

UK shows a perfect English style breakfast which consists lots of foods to have. Like Sausages, eggs, grilled tomato, bacon, bread, butter and a cup of tea. Ummm.. Testy. You must try this breakfast combination when you are in the UK. Or try now in your home.

2- Morocco

Breakfast from Morocco features 2-3 kinds of bread, with some gravy, jam and kind of chutney. But this is not their specialty. With bread and jam they have huge slab style bread and some pancake which they call Baghir in the local language.

3- India

Breakfast in India is mostly depends on locality. A common breakfast is its Aloo Paratha (Bread stuffed with potato). Aloo Paratha is very popular in India and Pakistan, which can be eaten with some kind of Chutney, Ghee, Butter or some kind of spicy chutney.

4- Egypt

Breakfast choice in Egypt is testy looking gravy which called as Foul Madamas in local language. It calls as Foul Madamas because it prepares from Fav beans, Garlic, some chickpeas and lemon. Then it serves with topping of Olive oil, cayenne, boiled egg and tahini sauce. What can be a great breakfast than this tasty looking food?

5- Cuba

In Cuba a day starts with a cup of coffee with a small pinch of salt. Wait! It’s not end here. With a cup of coffee, they have their favorite Cuba style bread which toasted and buttered and cut into a small lengthy part.

Yummmy… I am feeling like having all this on my breakfast table by tomorrow morning. Whenever you visit any of these countries don’t forget to have these breakfasts else you will miss a perfect morning. I can’t wait anymore to have these, going to prepare them for my next breakfast.

Countries that produce Best Coffee in the World

Best Coffee Producinf Countries

A morning without a mug of coffee is like pizza without cheese. What an example! 😛 I think you got what I am trying to say. Coffee is the part of breakfast in most of the countries. Coffee also help us for a better health. But do you know from where these coffees come from. Every country has their own coffee farm but there are some countries which produce enough coffee to export all other countries in the world. If you are curious to know from where your coffee is coming then you are the best place. This is the place where I am going to tell you some countries which produce the best coffee and export to other countries.

#1. Brazil

Brazil the country that produce the most and the best coffees in the world. It exports coffee to almost all the countries in the world. This also possible that the coffee you are drinking now is also from Brazil. Brazil is known for its quality coffee from last 150 years.

#2. Vietnam

Vietnam has no such historical background for trading coffee in the international market. This is comparatively new in the international coffee market, but the best thing to notice is it took the 2nd position very rapidly.

#3. Costa Rica

When it comes to quality coffee, then Costa Rica has a bright future in the international market. Costa Rica first started producing coffee in 1779 and after that it growing its coffee market. Coffee from Costa Rica always counts as the best coffee in the world.

#4. Colombia

Colombia is one of the largest producers of Arabica coffee beans. There is trace in the history about how coffee started in this country. Consider about its present it produces one of the best coffees and known as one of the largest coffee producers.

 #5. India

India the country of culture has one of the world’s best climates for coffee producing. Though India is not a big player in the international coffee as its production way lower than other countries. But if you like to drink a refreshing coffee, then you should try Indian coffee.

#6. Ethiopia

Ethiopia is one of the largest countries for producing best coffees. Ethiopia has a golden history regarding coffee as the very first Arabica coffee plant was discovered in this country in the 9th century. Now Ethiopia is produced and fulfilling the needs of coffee lover in the whole world.

Coffee has a very long history. It was a favorite drink back then and now too it counts as the best drink to have in the morning. Coffee has lots of flavor and quality and for best quality go for the coffee, which produce in the above mentioned countries.

Top and healthiest vegetable that you should eat to keep yourself fit and Active

Eating more and more green vegetable is the best thing you can do to keep yourself fit and active. Everyone knows green vegetable is enough to supply required iron, protein and other minerals to the body. Basically all the green vegetable \s are good and you should eat. But there some which is better than others. So here I am going to list some of those healthiest vegetables.

best healthy vegetables


Onion is a great source of antioxidant for human body. If a person eat required level of onion then his/her body will get required level of antioxidant which ultimately helps in better health. To get most out of a onion you need to eat it raw, because heat with high flame reduce the phytochemicals. A phytochemical helps in protect against lung and prostate cancer.


The longer the better, according to a study it reveals that longer and cooked corn has more level of antioxidant. Always make sure to cook corn with high flame to get best out of it. Corn has plenty of Antioxidant like lutein which helps you to protect from blindness in your old elder age.


This tiny little seeds has more power than its size. There were lots of research on peas and most of them shows that a daily consumption of green peas lowers the risk of stomach cancer. So from now start eating peas on a daily basis.


I don’t like to eat kale, but from now I will start eating this. This small veggie leaves are full of vitamin C and antioxidants. The Antioxidants kale produce helps in reducing the chances of heart disease by lowering the bad cholesterol.


Broccoli is full of Antioxidant that helps in fighting cancer. It produces the powerful antioxidant to fight big diseases like cancer. 5 serving of Broccoli or more a week can help you to be fit and active.

Start Eating Them

Vegetables really help a lot to get a better body and healthy life. We all know vegetable don’t good at taste but it is good enough to keep you active and ready live every moment of the life. So from now start eating vegetables.